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Dream Maintenance Standard Edition

Preventive Maintenance

Set up your preventive maintenance plan, and let the system do the work for you.

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Corrective Maintenance

An integrated module that allows you to report malfunctions anywhere from your mobile phone.

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Plan and Schedule Calendar

Track and optimize the planning of all interventions by adjusting capacity to load forecasting.

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System Administration

Configure and adjust all the parameters of your system, simply and adaptable to your reality.

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Work Order Management

Monitor and have control over every work that is ongoing, finished or planned.

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Mobile Application

The user interface developed and designed to be as intuitive as possible.

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Extras Modules

Stocks and Inventory

Automate stock and inventory management and ensure equipments and materials always on time.

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Human Resources

Ensure good management of your teams and work, with load vs. capacity analysis.

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Equipment and Materials

Get access to the entire history of information about each equipment and asset with just 1 click.

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Pending Tasks

Make good management of special tasks, such as campaigns, modifications and others.

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Access all the documentation researched to each equipment or intervention, in a simple and effective way.

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Business Intelligence & KPI's

Get access to standard or custom statistical dashboards that are valuable to your business.

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Enjoy the billing system that collects system-wide data to save you time and money.

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Smart Reporting

Drop the excel sheets and set up your own reports to get them with just 1 click.

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Alerts and Alarms

Set up your own alerts to be notified with the situations you consider important.

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Digital Registration Form

Fill in the forms directly on the tablets, end up with the paperwork and follow the interventions in real time.

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API Integrations

Integrate with existing systems, ERP's, or other applications to get the most out of every situation.

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Energy Efficiency

Monitor and get energy consumption analysis system to save on the invoice and the environment.

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Fleet telemetry

Integrate with our vehicle data collection system, and know the status of each of them in real time.

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New requests

We do not stop development, so we always want to provide the best service possible. Tell us what is important to you, and we make it happen.

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